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Tilta Lightweight Shoulder Rig (Black)

Shoot handheld, shoulder-mounted footage with your compact cinema camera or DSLR using this black Lightweight Shoulder Rig from Tilta. The shoulder rig includes all of the accessories you need to assemble a fully functional camera mount with customizable features. The entire system features dual Manfrotto and Arca-type plate compatibility for a wide range of supported recording devices.

150 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta TT-03-TL DSLR Shoulder Rig Counterweight

The Tilta TT-03-TL DSLR Shoulder Rig with Counterweight from ikan includes a baseplate with snap-on rod clamps, shoulder pad, offset bracket, rod mounted follow focus unit, universal rod mounted handgrip setup, rod mounted counterweight, tripod adapter, and 15mm rods. This rig is a shoulder mount solution for shooting with almost any available DSLR or mirrorless camera, as well as small video camcorders.

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit

SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient solution to shoulder shooting. It consists of VCT Shoulder Pad, Extension Arm , and Handle. Among these parts, the ergonomic silicone shoulder pad provides a comfortable shooting experience. It features a two-layer quick-release plate on the top, a vertically adjustable 15mm rod clamp at the front for rebalancing the camera and attaching 15mm rods, as well as a VCT-14 quick-release baseplate at the bottom, which works with VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate 2169 to switch between shoulder mode and tripod mode.The extension arm is retractable to meet different needs of length and for easy storage. The handle is ergonomically designed with a silicone surface, which can be adjusted to different angles through the ARRI rosette for a more comfortable grip.

80 DT / Day (ex VAT)

SHAPE Composite Fiction Camera Support

The Shape Composite Fiction Camera Support is a hand-held professional camera support device with an adjustable camera platform. Featuring the Back Pad, Adjustable Composite Shoulder Pad, two 15mm Male-female Rod (6"), Rod Block, Off-set Rail Block, 15mm Rod Riser System, Quick Handle, Telescopic Support Arm with Rod Block, Paparazzi II Handle, Double Bracket, Base Counter Weight, Sliding Rod Block, and Lens Support, the Composite Stabilizer secures the camera firmly with accessories for mobile applications.

100 DT / Day (ex VAT)

The Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle

The ultraCage DSLR Field Cinema Bundle Shouldermount Rig places most of the camera weight on the shoulder and is designed for use with an external monitor. Add the microFollowFocus or microRemote Handheld Bundle for solo operating and focus control. Configure and extend to your exact shooting style

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

TILTA 4×5.65 Carbon Fiber Matte Box (Clamp-on)

Featuring a lightweight yet strong carbon fiber construction, Tilta's versatile MB-T12 Matte Box can secure to your camera's lens via its built-in clamp or to 15mm rods using the included 15mm LWS rod bracket. While a 134mm lens adapter is installed, 114, 110, 95, and 80mm adapters are also included for fitting different size lens diameters. Three filter stages hold 4 x 5.65" filters for creatively composing your shots. All three stages are fixed and do not rotate. To effectively block possible sources of flare and ghosts, a 5-piece hard matte set is included, working with lenses from 16mm up to 180mm. A top flag is also included, which attaches using the top screws to block additional light from above the lens.

80 DT / Day (ex VAT)

SmallRig Mini Matte Box

Add a compact, lightweight matte box to your rig with the Mini Matte Box from SmallRig. The clamp-on matte box fits small mirrorless or DSLR cameras and is made from durable but lightweight carbon fiber material. It accepts multiple 4 x 5.65" or 4 x 4" filters and comes with one filter tray and four adapter rings to attach the matte box to the lens. The maximum load capacity of the matte box is 2.2 lb.

30 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta Tiltaing Mini Matte Box MB-T15

The Tiltaing Mini Matte Box from Tilta is a lightweight, compact matte box with interchangeable mounting systems that suits small mirrorless or DSLR cameras. It accepts one standard 4 x 5.65" filter without the use of filter trays and includes four adapter rings to attach the matte box to the lens. The included carbon fiber top flag helps block veiling glare or bright reflections from striking your lens, and it can be folded down to cover the front of the matte box and provide protection to the front of your lens.

30 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter/Lens Adapter (Sigma EF-Mount Lenses to Sony E)

The MC-11 Mount Converter enables the use of Sigma EF-mount lenses on Sony E-mount mirrorless camera bodies, and maintains full lens performance, including autofocus and auto-exposure, as well as in-camera correction technologies. An integrated LED can be used to display select Sigma lens compatibility with the adapted camera body, and the adapter also supports in-camera image stabilization. In order to maintain a high degree of image quality, the interior of the adapter is flocked to reduce reflections, and it also retains full Exif data to benefit post-production and file management.

40 DT / Day (ex VAT)
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