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Tungsten Lighting

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Classic dedolight DLH4 150W

The Classic DLH4 is one of the most famous lighting devices ever made. With a 40 year history in the professional lighting industry, this light has proven time and again how far you can take precision lighting using aspheric optics. It's also a source of pride for many gaffers who take their personal "Dedos" on every shoot regardless of what's on the shot list. There still is no other system that can compare to its performance in its class. The optics allow for a completely homogenous clean beam, with a minimal amount of drop-off at its edge. There is light where you want it, and outside of the beam there is shadow where you want it.Depending on your lamp and power supply, the DLH4 can operate using 12v, 24v or AC set ups. At Dedolight California we offer many power and dimmer solutions to control your DLH4.  The 12v power supplies like the DT12-4

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Dedolight Projection Attachment with 85mm f/2.8 Lens

Used as a focusing snoot, the Dedolight Projection Attachment creates an area of light with either a soft or hard edge. It is supplied with an 85mm f/2.8 lens. An adjustable 18-leaf iris diaphragm, 60, 150 and 185mm lenses are also available separately.Offers great versatility with a spring-loaded accessory slot that accepts a wide variety of optional accessoriesAn optional adjustable 18-leaf iris diaphragm allows the light to be focused in a tighter circle than is possible with the Projection Attachment alone.A slide holder which will hold conventionally mounted 35mm slides is available. This allows the slide to be projected onto a set or background. (A Heat Filter should be used to prolong the life of the slide.)An available gobo holder holds metal patterns or gobos that allow light to pass through, forming a pattern on a set or background.

100 DT / Day (ex VAT)
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