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Moza Slypod Pro Master Kit

Take this motorized Moza Slypod Pro Master Kit monopod with mini tripod and manually adjustable pan/tilt head virtually anywhere to create vertical, horizontal, and angled motorized slider-like moves. Made from carbon fiber, the Slypod Pro features nearly 21" of travel, supporting up to 13.2 lb vertical moves and 7.7 lb horizontal. The Slypod Pro weighs only 3.2 lb, so it is easy to take with you, and its weatherproof design protects it from inclement weather, wind, sand, and dust.

200 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Floatcam FC Slider

FC Slider boasts a 50kg weight capacity which means that it can handle almost every camera available on the market. Thanks to its construction the movement is always stable and ultra-smooth, no matter how heavy the camera is. FC Slider is Floatcam's lightest and most compact slider. It can be dropped on the ground, set on a table, centre-mounted to a tripod ot mounted on both ends.Modern and Powerful:Floatcam believe in quality craftsmanship that is why from the very beginning the FC Slider was designed to cope with the toughest challenges in working with heavy cameras.Versatile:The FC Slider was created to meet expectations of every demanding filmmaker. Whether you have a DSLR or a fully loaded RED Epic or ARRI Alexa the FC Slider will move it seamlessly.Extremely Smooth:The FC Slider is probably the smoothest camera slider on...

150 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Glidetrack HDHYBRID-2M Slider

GlideTrack HDHYBRID-2M (HDHYBRID2M) HD Hybrid 2 meter Slider with universal feet and Adjustable Legs glidetrack_hdhybrid-2m / HDHYBRID-2M. The Glidetrack HD system is perfect for those filming with all kinds of cameras from DSLR's and beyond that of the prosumer XF305's. The HD will allow you great flexibility in your kit choices, perfect for those who film on various types of camera.The rail is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium to very tolerances and finished with a hardened anodised coating making it very durable and weather resistant. All Glidetrack rail is pre-drilled in various places with two different sizes of standard camera threads to allow you to mount various quick release plates, tripod heads and various other camera accessories. Rail specification - Large 16/60mm.The standard carriage runs very simply using Igus Drylin liners giving it a smooth glide from side to side along with extreme durability in all situations.

100 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly 3 BASIC Standard (38″)

The Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly 3 BASIC Standard is a 38" entry-level camera slider featuring a roller-bearing slide system. It supports up to 15 lb loads and delivers quiet, consistent, and smooth camera movement along a travel length of 31". Designed with upgrades over its predecessor model, Pocket Dolly 3 BASIC Standard incorporates a cart brake and provides many threaded mounting options on the end blocks.The Pocket Dolly 3 BASIC Standard can be used on flat surfaces or mounted on a tripod via 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads on the bottom. The slider carriage provides threaded 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes for attaching accessories, and the integrated cart brake allows you to lock down the carriage for static shots or to prevent back-and-forth movement in transport. The Pocket Dolly 3 BASIC Standard is built as solidly and reliably as all other Kessler products.

100 DT / Day (ex VAT)
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