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Tilta FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus

The Tiltaing FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus from Tilta can be mounted on and allows you to make smooth focus adjustments. Its fluid movement ensures smooth focus control, and two hard stops ensure precision adjustment.Included with the follow focus is a gear belt for your lens, a 0.8 MOD drive gear, and a removable marking disk. The follow focus mounts onto the included 3.9" long 15mm rod using the 15mm single-rod clamp. The focus wheel rotates 360°, and two hard-stop screws are included to adjust your stops to match your lens. A hard-shell case is included to store and transport all the components.

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

SmallRig F40 mini Follow Focus

The F40 mini Follow Focus from SmallRig is an adjustable, manual follow focus that mounts to the left side of your lens. It features a fluid focus knob that ensures smooth focus control and precision with its adjustable A/B hard stops and is easily mounted using the included 15mm rod clamp with NATO rail. It also includes a 3.9" 15mm rod, an 0.8 MOD/43T gear, and an adjustable, belt-style focus gear ring.

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta Single-sided DSLR Follow Focus

This single-sided follow focus is designed to be used with DSLR cameras and other small camera rigs.It can be used with 15mm LWS rod setups. Two adjustable hard stops on the focus wheel to allow for accurate focus pulls.There’s also an adjustable damping knob so that you can adjust the hand wheel’s tension to your liking.

50 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta Nucleus-Nano Wireless Focus Control System

Use the Nucleus-Nano Wireless Focus Control System from Tilta to wirelessly control the focus of most DSLR, mirrorless, or cine-style lenses. The core of the system is the pairing of the focus control motor and the focus handwheel. The units can connect to each other from 300' away, and can be mounted in a variety of ways.The units support run/stop functions and setting hard A and B limits for more control over your camera and lens. The handwheel is powered by a single 14500 lithium battery and the motor is powered by your camera or a battery via its micro-USB connector. The units are both constructed of durable materials, and the handwheel features an attractive, comfortable rosewood grip.

100 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta Nucleus-Nano II FIZ Wireless Lens Control System

The Tilta Nucleus Nano II is a revolutionary product that combines camera control, gimbal control and motor control in a single unit. It offers convenient control of key shooting parameters, making it the perfect choice for professionals. One of the most impressive features of the Nucleus Nano II is its compatibility with other Tilta wireless control systems, such as the Nucleus Nano motor, Nucleus-M, Mirage matte-box VND motor and others.

150 DT / Day (ex VAT)

Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System

The Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control` System features a 1000' transmission range and comes with two lens drive motors with built-in wireless receivers, a FIZ hand controller, and two handgrips—one to control focus, and the other iris and zoom. The lens drive motors each feature a cine standard 0.8 MOD drive gear and two 7-pin connectors, enabling you to freely swap or interchange each motor. The motors power by daisy-chaining using the 7-pin cables, and each motor includes a 19mm rod clamp with 19 to 15mm reducing bushing.

150 DT / Day (ex VAT)
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